“…The pressing thing is that at every period of history the people always thought that they had, I mean the power structure and the leaders always looked back at the previous period of history and thought that they had learned something…”

Since July, we’ve been working tirelessly on building and establishing our company. We’ve worked through legal obligations, seemingly redundant paperwork, several discouraging setbacks, and the financial hardship involved with investing in an initial stock of products. In the end, though, these negative aspects of getting things started don’t even come close to outweighing the ways in which this experience has been a positive one.

We’ve experienced working with friends, tossing out ideas, both outrageous and practical. We’ve had the opportunity to build a team that share our interests, ideals, and aesthetic. We’ve gotten to watch as Ben slowly lost his mind from anticipation and excitement. Finally, we’ve gotten to work through the creative process, combining our individual strengths and talents to produce promotions and products that we are extremely proud of.


On Saturday, December 12, we will be unveiling our first set of graphics at HCS skatepark, in Vestal, New York. Decks will be $40 a piece, and there will be a raffle for a deck as well, at $5 for one ticket, or $10 for three. After  the 12th, our decks will be sold for their MSRP of $50 a piece through our online store, which will be available soon, and through several brick and mortar retailers throughout the state, and hopefully country as we move forward.


We invite everybody to join us for this exciting event, whether you’re local, or just interested in taking a day trip for some skateboarding and fun. We would like to share this experience with all of you.

Thank you for your continued and growing support as we enter into this new phase with our brand. We look forward to producing with and growing our team, products, and brand, to create something even greater than we’ve imagined so far.

We hope to see you soon!


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