February 18, 2017
First we drove to Syracuse, NY and hit up a crusty diy underneath a bridge.
then we went up to Oswego, NY to skate at Crown Skatepark.
The day was filled with gnarly skating, road conversations, and a great time with the team and friends.
Randy Parker
Rob Whelan
Jimmie Buyck
Justin Keskin
Tom Dewing
Rational Animals- If Only You Could Hear Me Now

instagram: @thebarrencompany

New edit combining two separate skate sessions of The Barren Company team and friends shredding the miniramp at HCS Skatepark in Vestal, NY

Team: Randy Parker, Steve Sie, Jimmie Buyck, Rob Whelan
Friends: Collin Nelson, Andy Grant, Jesse Ryan, Caleb Nelson, Tom Dewing, Matt Vargason, Dustin Whitney, Derek Nelson

Sie1- Loose Cannon, Bumper Boats
City Of Caterpillar- Minute-Hour-Day-Month-Year (The Faith’s In My Chest)

2017 The Barren Company

Co-Founder and Co-Owner Tom Dewing recently celebrated his thirty fourth birthday, and we made an edit to mark the occasion.

“I love skating just as much at 34 as I did when I was 15. If you love something you’ll make the time to do it, no matter your age.
“I’m gonna stay young till I die””  –Tom Dewing

It is here. After months of filming, editing, and our premiere in October, our new video False Economy is up on our vimeo page. It has been a long and amazing experience making this video, and we are very proud of the results. Special thanks to the team riders for skating their hearts out, and to the friends who gave us footage, went on skate trips,showed us their cities, and Archemist for composing a song just for our video–that came out better than any of us could have hoped, and makes False Economy a more powerful film. Everyone put their heart and soul into this project. This video is a good representation of what we The Barren Company are about, and what we want to give back to skateboarding so please watch and enjoy some excellent skating. DVD copies available in our store.

In economics, a false economy is an action that saves money at the beginning but which, over a longer period of time, results in more money being spent or wasted than being saved.

Join us for the Premiere screening of False Economy a skate video we have been working on for the past several months on Sunday, October 30th at The Bundy Museum Annex (behind the museum) at 129 Main Street in Binghamton, NY Come support your local skate scene and check out some truly gnarly skateboarding.

Parts from: Steve Sie, Jimmie Buyck, Randy Parker, and Rob Whelan.

Admission is FREE
Doors at 6:45 screening at 7:00pm

*The maximum amount of occupency in the Annex is 70 people, if more people show up, we plan on doing a second screening, immediately following the first, so everyone has a chance to watch the video